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Logo Design

Viacom Logo
I created this logo for a school project, and Adobe Photoshop was used to create the design. Some details were given to us about the company and a couple images, but we had to decide what other images to use to create the completed project. This project shows my critical thinking skills, concept for logo design, PS skills, and coming up with a great logo to fit the company for the 21st century.
Logo Design

Papas Pizza Logo

I created this Pizzeria logo to go along with the website that I created below. I used Adobe Photoshop to create the logo. I
was given instruction as to what colors the client wanted used, and then I had to use my creative thinking skills to design
a nice logo to match the site.
Website Design

Save The Pandas Web Design

I created this website for a school project. We had to create a website that had something to do with nature. The website was totally hand coded using HTML5, and CSS3. I created the header using CSS3 gradient styling, and used a drop shadow on the header text. I included a Google Map, and a table that shows some statistics about pandas. You may view the site HERE
Website Design

Papas Pizzeria Web Design

I created this website for a school project. I had a choice of 3 sites I could design, and I chose to do the Pizzeria site. I was furnished with a couple images and the colors to use, but the rest was left up to me. The website is totally hand coded using HTML5, and CSS3. You may view the site HERE
Graphic Design

Magazine Cover

This project was made so I could show off PhotoShop skills that I have learned, such as how to remove an image from a background, using the puppet tool to move the man's head up, and how to create a clipping mask over text. There are other P.S. skills used in this design too. See a larger view HERE
Graphic Design

Travel Magazine Cover

I created this magazine cover for school to showcase my abilities using PhotoShop, and my creative thinking and problem solving skills. I added a bar code so it looked like a real magazine cover, a collage of tropical islands, and I made the title and "Top 10" with a glossy effect so they would really stand out. View HERE
Print Ad

Petit Bakery Ad
I created this print ad for a fictious bakery that wanted to increase their exposure. I designed an open invitation type ad with a coupon on the page to entice consumers to go to the shop and get a FREE item. The ad was created in PhotoShop, and I thought by adding some very yummy looking baked goods would give people an added push to visit! View it HERE.
Video Production

video production image

I created quite a few different videos while attending school, and they were all created using Adobe Premiere Pro. I made a video ad for Avon, a movie trailer and other, but for my final project I created a video ad for an island paradise resort. I found that I really enjoy creating and editing videos. You may view my video portfolio HERE
Poster Design

Metropolitan Poster

This project was created for school, and for an opera that had appeared at the Metropolitan Opera House. We were supplied us with the Metro's logo, a couple images, the text about the opera, and they wanted Autumn colors. This design was created using Adobe Illustrator only. See larger view Here
Mockup Design

iphone mockup
I had to create a mockup design of my choosing for a school project, and it had to be done in Adobe PhotoShop. The design highlighted more of our PS skills, and we had to show how we could use patterns to create a design. The front has a leather look, the back a peony pattern to match the front color, and I added a rosetone gold to give the iphone an elegant look and feel. See larger view Here
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